Are you sick and tired of chasing elusive ultimate pleasure and fulfillment?

Do you feel shame or guilt around your pleasure?

Imagine the possibility of:

  • Long-lasting pleasure and fulfillment

  • Experiencing all the pleasure that is available and still maintaining a healthy relationship with sex, porn, masturbation and even substances if you choose to

  • Feeling relaxed and confident in your intimate connections

Invest 6 weeks of your time, and you will notice that your whole life opens up:

🔥  experience deeper relationship of love and acceptance for body and self

🔥  improved well-being in regards to intimacy and life in general

🔥  understanding on how to fill up your cup from within, without fantasy or porn

🔥  healing of disempowering stories from the past

🔥  the ability to connect with your authentic desires

🔥  rewiring neural pathways and experiencing pleasure, joy, ease, and bliss in ways you never imagined was possible!

What exactly is the Pleasure Awakening 6-week Online Journey?

🔥  It is an experiential immersion of embodiment practices, inspired by the teachings of neo-tantra and Orgasmic Yoga practices

🔥  You will learn how to access the forgotten realms of pleasure and self-love from within your own body, and to open the channels to achieve states of joy, self-love, empowerment, and bliss, by using tools you already possess: breath, sound, movement, touch, and awareness

🔥  The guided audio practices will give you an insight into what is possible when it comes to pleasure, joy, and bliss, by cultivating awareness in your body, and consequently activating your eroticism, feelings of real love for yourself, your body, and for life

The Pleasure Awakening Online Journey includes:

  • 24 guided practices + bonus practice

  • 25 video lessons

  • beginners + intermediate practices

  • reflection exercises

  • email reminders to keep you motivated and on track

Course Curriculum

  1. 01
    • ⚪️ A warm welcome from Bia Bliss

    • ⚪️ The Pathway to Pleasure Awakening

    • ⚪️ Useful links

  2. 02
    • ⭕️ 1. Your Details

    • ⭕️ 2. Intention & Self-Pleasure

    • ⭕️ 3. Appearance Evaluation

    • ⭕️ 4. Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale

    • ⭕️ 5. Depression CES-D: External Questionnaire

    • ⭕️ 6. Authentic Happiness Inventory (AHI): External Questionnaire

    • ⭕️ 7. Attachment style: External Questionnaire

    • ⭕️ End of Pre-course surveys

  3. 03
    • 🟠 Day 1 - Body Scan

    • 🟠 Day 2 - Five Senses Experience

    • 🟠 Day 3 - Shake and Make Some Noise

    • 🟠 Day 4 - Erotic Metta

    • 🟠 Day 5 - Challenging or Uninteresting

    • 🟠 Day 6 - Interesting and/or Pleasurable

    • 🟠 Day 7 - Feedback and optional practice

  4. 04
    • 🟢 Day 1 - Awakening the Hands

    • 🟢 Day 2 - Facial Exploration

    • 🟢 Day 3 - Chest Pleasuring

    • 🟢 Day 4 - Awakening the Arms

    • 🟢 Day 5 - Challenging or Uninteresting

    • 🟢 Day 6 - Interesting and/or Pleasurable

    • 🟢 Day 7 - Feedback and optional practice

  5. 05
    • 🟡 Day 1 - Love Your Tummy

    • 🟡 Day 2 - Upper Body Temple Exploration

    • 🟡 Day 3 - Legs Exploration

    • 🟡 Day 4 - Feet Worshiping

    • 🟡 Day 5 - Challenging or Uninteresting

    • 🟡 Day 6 - Interesting and/or Pleasurable

    • 🟡 Day 7 - Feedback and optional practice

  6. 06
    • 🔵 Day 1 - Skeleton Exploration

    • 🔵 Day 2 - 98% Body Temple Exploration

    • 🔵 Day 3 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    • 🔵 Day 4 - Dance Your Eroticism

    • 🔵 Day 5 - Challenging or Uninteresting

    • 🔵 Day 6 - Interesting and/or Pleasurable

    • 🔵 Day 7 - Feedback and optional practice

  7. 07
    • 🔴 Day 1 - Gently Resting Genitals

    • 🔴 Day 2 - Heart Pleasuring

    • 🔴 Day 3 - Pelvis Awakening

    • 🔴 Day 4 - Genital Exploration

    • 🔴 Day 5 - Challenging or Uninteresting

    • 🔴 Day 6 - Interesting and/or Pleasurable

    • 🔴 Day 7 - Feedback and optional practice

  8. 08
    • 🟤 Day 1 - Land Down Under

    • 🟤 Day 2 - Discovering Erogenous Zones

    • 🟤 Day 3 - Food-gasm

    • 🟤 Day 4 - Erotic MicroCosmic Orbit

    • 🟤 Day 5 - Challenging or Uninteresting

    • 🟤 Day 6 - Interesting and/or Pleasurable

    • 🟤 Day 7 - Feedback and optional practice

  9. 09
    • ✨ Bonus Practice - Inner Beloved Journey

    • 🔘 End of the Course: Appearance Evaluation Questionnaire

    • 🔘 End of the Course: Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale Questionnaire

    • 🔘 End of the Course: Depression CES-D: External Questionnaire

    • 🔘 End of the Course: Authentic Happiness Inventory (AHI): External Questionnaire

    • 🔘 End of the Course: Attachment style: External Questionnaire

    • 🔘 End of the Course: Feedback

    • 🔘 Testimonial (Optional)

    • 🔘 End of the Pleasure Awakening Journey!

If you are:

✓ tired of chasing external sources of pleasure (e.g. sex, porn, fantasy, food, etc.)

✓ willing to invest at least 30 minutes daily to do the practices

✓ ready to let go of disempowering beliefs and stories from the past around intimacy

✓ searching for more meaning and fulfillment in your relationship with self and others

✓ ready to experience your full orgasmic potential

Then this course is for you!

$297 USD

Lifetime access 

100% Guarantee or your money back

✓ I guarantee that if you dont do the work, you will not get any results

✓ If you do the work as outlined in this online program and you don’t get the promised results, I offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Q. Can I start the Pleasure Awakening Online Journey at any time?

A. Yes, you may start anytime, and you have either lifetime access or 90 days to access the course, depending on which option you choose at check out. 

Q. I am concerned about my privacy, as the content of the course is intimate and I don't feel comfortable sharing in a group setting.

A. I totally understand. Once you register for the course you are welcome to change your name to an alias. Sharing is optional.

Q. My question hasn’t been answered here. Where do I get more answers?

A. Please email me using the link below and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Pleasure Awakening course.

Meet your Pleasure Guide

Bia Bliss is passionate about supporting her students to reclaim their pleasure, get out of their heads and into their bodies with simple practices using breath, sound, movement, touch, and awareness. Because pleasure is everyone's birthright. You can learn more about Bia Bliss at

Bia Bliss

Pleasure Coach



“I've done Bia's Pleasure Awakening course twice through now. That in itself is a recommendation! I got a lot out of it. I enjoyed the connection to the community and the openness of sharing our experiences. I liked learning how to weave far more full-body touch into my life. I liked learning how to listen to my body more and know what it was requesting. And I liked that eating a piece of chocolate could become just about an orgasmic experience! Bia has put together a very professional course with a great format of 4 new practices a week, plus group calls on Saturdays. I enjoyed the regular rhythm of it and the connection to myself and others. I would recommend this course!”


New Zealand

“From the depth of my heart, I would like to recommend the Pleasure Awakening Course with Bia Bliss. It is a deep journey of discovery into the many ways that pleasure can be experienced in the body, mostly from a non-genital perspective. I came to the course as an already awakened and experienced tantra practitioner, with many workshops, festivals, and weeklong immersions behind me, but I still discovered things I did not know about myself and my pleasure throughout this six-week journey. I found the format of 30 minutes of thoughtfully sequenced, beautifully guided practice each day (except for the longer weekly online group calls) very doable, even when life is busy, and the result is more pleasure in my everyday life, even outside of practice, as well as a greater feeling of aliveness. This course is a must-do for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with themselves and go on an exciting journey of expanding their pleasure possibilities.”



“I came to the Pleasure Awakening course after feeling disconnected from myself and wanting to re-connect. The course gave me the opportunity and reminder that connecting with me, even for 15 minutes a day, was highly beneficial. I came back to myself in a powerful and pleasurable way. I connected with my heart and soul in ways that had been missing and opened my mind to new ways to find pleasure in my body. I recommend this course to anyone wanting a deeper, more connected experience with their own body, inside and out”



“I was pleasantly surprised by the impact the Pleasure Awakening Course with Bia had on me. I didn't realize how disconnected from my body I am and how much more joy, relaxation, and groundedness were available to me with just a few minutes of practice a day. Bia delivers the course with compassion and humor and I really felt I was in safe hands with Bia”



“Bia’s practice is an enjoyable exploration of connecting with one’s deeper self. I have found I am able to gain energy, on even a lower-energy day, and further, invigorate that energy in all areas of my mind and body. We all need touch. We all need love. We all need breath! Bia’s guidance is wonderful at connecting one’s breath to oneself and finding the care we have for ourselves. I find I am more ready to take on my day, its challenges, and to deepen connections with other people because I’ve deepened my connection with myself. Thanks, Bia! ”



“The daily practice is such an enrichment to my mornings, to my pleasure, to my relationship to self and the world. I feel inspired to bring elements of this into my work and I want to continue the path of discovery of my body and pleasure. Thank you, Bia for birthing this!”


New Zealand

“Thank you, Bia for such an incredible pleasure awakening course. I began this course almost on a whim, knowing it was something I wanted to explore but not really having the tools or understanding of what that could look like. I am truly blown away. I have been expertly and lovingly guided through an incredible six weeks. gaining a better understanding of myself, how to develop my awareness and how to deepen my ability to feel pleasure. Not only that but I've realized I'm not the only one! I would recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their connection to any part of themselves. I have found pleasure, tears, joy, inspiration and so much more. I am truly grateful for what I have gained through this course and am so excited to continue my Pleasure Awakening Journey.”


New Zealand

“The Pleasure Awakening course takes you on a journey back to a deep connection with your body, teaching you how to connect to your body with real presence and become aware of subtle sensations and messages from your body. Over the weeks of the course, the practices slowly build from breath and attention practices, through self-touch in specific areas of the body, and on into experiencing your body as a sensual being. Even for those of us who have done other body-focused practices (yoga, conscious dance, tantra, etc) approaching this course with a beginner’s mind provides both a regular practice structure and a steadily deepening connection with the body. Even for practices, I had done before, elsewhere, the presentation format allowed going deeper and finding more. The course is very professionally recorded, combining short practice introduction videos (with demonstrations where relevant), 15 minutes of audio guiding the practice, and 5 minutes of integration time (with or without prompts to reflect on your experience). Regular practice over the weeks of the course, without expectation any single practice will “do something” by itself, helped me build on the connection I already had with my body (from dance and yoga) and built up a reservoir of calm and peace with which to face the world. The emphasis on group practice, and sharing experiences with others, made it feel like a “group course” even while being able to do the whole course from my own home”


New Zealand

“My name is Kova. I was very explorative in my younger years although recently I’ve noticed my body shut down and feel an immense amount of fear around relating to others and enjoying them and enjoying life. I understood fundamentally how our sexual energy is a big domino and affects everything so I reached out to Bia and asked for help. After just finishing the course, I realized my sexuality was repressed through trauma and previous unconscious relating. Although by working with Bia, I repaired my relationship with me and found the light within the darkness of my soul. Bia gave me the guided meditations, support, and coaching to awaken to myself and learn how to be empowered by my sexual energy. I’m extremely grateful for Bia and the Pleasure Awakening Journey. Bia Bliss has a very special gift to share with the world. My hope is that you can find a purpose deep enough within you to really give this course 100% commitment because if you do it will change your life. I feel more comfortable in being alone and not settling for anything less than what I want out of life and what I want out of intimate interaction with another. I thought it was about pleasuring myself but it’s so much more than that. This gift that Bia has created for you helped me wake up to what’s possible, take my power back, learn how to use it to empower myself and my life vision, and connect with others consciously. I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you, Bia Bliss”



Enough of mediocre intimacy. Pleasure is your birthright!